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The Upminster Complementary Healing & Teaching Sanctuary

Set in rural surroundings within two major ley lines – a peaceful haven where clients can feel rejuvenated and restored.

The Sanctuary’s Philosophy

The Upminster Complementary Healing & Teaching Sanctuary is the dream child of Julia Elizabeth Massey.

Julia, an experienced Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, Spiritual Healer and Teacher, created this self-contained therapy centre and its surrounding gardens as a centre of healing and learning, dedicated to the love and care of all its visitors.

Set in rural surroundings within two major ley lines, it promotes a feeling of contentment and relaxation – a peaceful haven where clients can feel rejuvenated and restored.

“Give to my eyes the power to see the hidden source of ill.
Give to my hands the healing touch, the throb of pain to still.
Grant that my ears be swift to hear the cry of those in pain.
Give to my tongue the words that bring comfort and strength again.”

What We Offer You…

What Our Clients Say

  • I have received treatment from Bosco since December 2014. After receiving the treatment I am free from pain and my neck and shoulders feel much more relaxed. I also sleep more soundly for the next few days. I have previously suffered from tendonitis which has left me on crutches for several weeks. With deep massage, stretching and manipulation which, at the time can be very painful, I have managed to keep the tendonitis at bay. I have always found Bosco to be very professional and also has a very friendly and caring disposition. I would certainly recommend him to any of my family or friends.

    -Jenni Mee

  • Rita's coaching has not only given me direction, but purpose. Giving me a belief in what I do, Rita has given me clarity and vision to achieve what I want with my music and my songwriting, and has helped me move forward. With her pleasant manner, she is easy to talk to and she speaks a lot of sense. Sometimes, you can't see the wood for the trees in life. Rita helps you get past that!

    -Shaun C Bryant – Singer/Songwriter

  • I went to see Spencer West as I was intrigued by kinesiology and the prospect of finding out what vitamins and minerals by body was lacking in. I am a gym addict and always looking to find new ways of improving my performance and physique. Spencer found that I was seriously lacking in several vits and mins and he put me on a supplement stack designed to improve things. I can honestly say that this has worked a treat! One month after starting the supplement stack and not only has my gym performance massively improved, my physique Is looking better and I feel really healthy! I would recommend it to anyone.

    -Simon Hutson

  • I recently attended a Feng Shui workshop run by Jackie who is truly passionate about her subject and very approachable. She always found a clear way of answering any questions raised and made the day very relaxed. I found it very informative with a natural flow to the material. Jackie provided a folder covering the content of the course and exercises for us to work through the day and advice for improvements we can make when we get back home. I would thoroughly recommend Jackie's workshop to anyone interested in learning about Feng Shui, a very enlightening day.


  • Nestled between Upminster and the M25 is my little oasis of tranquility. Here, Julia Massey (my favourite Essex 'not a celebrity but ought to be' as she has a heart the size of a cabbage) and her team, take care of every whim. At The Sanctuary, I particularly enjoy a massage and have reflexology treatments but the centre has so much more to help restore one's ailments. The therapy rooms are beautiful and above these i a teaching room where Julia delivers workshops an complementary therapies. I don't think the Upminster Sanctuary is particularly well known, but it really ought to be - I'm looking forward to my next visit!

    -Gina Gardiner

  • We would like to thank you sincerely for welcoming us in your beautiful sanctuary. We spent some wonderful days there, felt very much at home and lovingly taken care of there. We are looking forward to coming back again hopefully soon.

    -Oona Soleil Fergusson

  • I have been going to The Sanctuary since 1994. I truly believe that without Julia's support, massages and reflexology I would not be working full time in a demanding job as I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I also visit Daniella for acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. These two wonderful therapists have helped me through difficult health issues over the years and I can't thank them enough. The Sanctuary is an island of tranquility in a very busy and often manic world.

    -Jenny Sykes

  • I wanted to commend Julia Massey on a wonderful massage and service in general. I felt incredibly run down after many weeks at work and other problems mounting up on me. Julia took the time to do a full consultation and massage for two hours and although it was the last appointment of the evening, I never once felt rushed. She made me feel very comfortable and at ease. For at least two weeks I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Although that was my first visit, I will try my best to recommend you to all.

    -Mr. A Timcke

  • As I am a busy Business Manager for Nat West I am often sat hunched over my desk keying on a computer, and due to a fall I have problems with my shoulder and neck. I would like to thank you for the wonderful massage. I have had many neck and back massages in my time but yours was the best, and eased the pain. Your Sanctuary is a truly relaxing place to go to and you and your staff are wonderful and make people feel at ease. Thanks once again Julia, and I will definitely be back soon.

    -Lynn Morton


Upcoming Workshops and Courses

Workshops, courses and seminars in all aspects of complementary therapies are a regular feature of life at the Sanctuary in Upminster, Essex.

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