We believe in treating others as we would wish to be treated ourselves – and we want the best.

What We Offer You

The Upminster Sanctuary offer a range of holistic therapies which complement conventional medicine and help the sufferer feel good and be better able to cope with daily living.

Whilst the treatments are effective in themselves, the impact is greatly enhanced because the client receives one-to-one undivided attention in a safe, confidential environment. To be listened to, valued, and to find someone who really cares can make all the difference to a rapid recovery or when facing a chronic condition.

However, these therapies are complementary and should not be used as a replacement for traditional medicine. It is important in the case of serious illness that you consult your GP before embarking on a course of treatment.

Our holistic approach is second to none. The Sanctuary offers a calm and relaxing atmosphere for your treatment. We have taken time to create a soothing and unhurried experience when you most need it.

Accessibility: There is ramped access into the Sanctuary and all therapy rooms are on the ground floor and accessible to wheelchair users or persons with a disability.

We build caring relationships with our patients, spending time in an unhurried, relaxed atmosphere.


a purpose-built therapy clinic set in a large garden situated in the Essex countryside.


Treatment Rooms

All the therapy rooms overlook the gardens and are decorated in calming pastel colours exhibiting the utmost in cleanliness and comfort. If required, curtains can be drawn at each window to provide total privacy throughout the duration of a treatment session.

Teaching Room

The teaching room on the first floor is spacious, light and airy creating a warm friendly atmosphere.
It benefits from having windows to every aspect, heating and optional piped music with 3 volume settings and is equipped with a number of folding chairs and tables.

The room is versatile and adaptable and is used regularly for a variety of classes, workshops and courses – Hatha Yoga, instruction in complementary therapies, Stress Management and Meditation – to name just a few.

This is also an ideal environment to bring your people for a team-building meeting – a calm and pleasant atmosphere away from the distractions of the workplace. Facilities are available for you to supply refreshments.

If you are interested in hiring one of our rooms, please go to our Room Hire page for more details.


Professional, ethical practitioners – experienced, fully qualified in their field & registered with the relevant governing body.


We Set High Standards

We ensure that all therapists and tutors who work at The Upminster Sanctuary are professional, ethical practitioners – experienced, fully qualified in their field and registered with the relevant governing body.

In turn, the centre has been designed to a high standard to provide practical and relaxing areas for the use of practitioners and their clients.

We are always happy to consider new therapists or tutors who share our dedication towards helping people to find their way to good health. The therapy rooms and teaching area are available for hire at reasonable rates for those who wish to join our team.


The use of soft lighting, gentle music and essential oils creates a calm and relaxing ambiance throughout the Sanctuary.

Shop at the Sanctuary

At The Sanctuary we sell a variety of holistic products to help you carry on with your Sanctuary experience at home.

Products include:
  • Tisserand – Essential Oils, Hand Wash, Hand Cream, Body Wash
  • Ancient Purity – Coconut Oil, Bee Pollen, Celtic Sea Salt, Vitamin C
  • Healing Herbs – 5 Flowers Bach Flower Remedy
  • Candles – Flameless LED Wax Candles – Vanilla


From 1972 to present day.

The Upminster Sanctuary surrounding gardens and pond form a beautiful setting. It took several years for Julia to transform a wilderness virtually single-handed.

A dear friend, Len (who is now retired) helped by keeping the lawns trimmed, watered and swept the leaves but it was Julia who re-discovered the pond, and designed and planted to create what is now a mature landscape.

Still a lot of hard work, Julia now has help from Matt and Jan Thorpe of Thorpe Landscapes with the maintenance and continuing development of the garden.