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A Journey To Ascension

4th August 2017 @ 11:30 - 6th August 2017 @ 18:00

A Journey To Ascension Course

3 day course : 4th, 5th & 6th August 2017.

Welcome to this powerful three-part workshop of “Self Mastery”. This journey carries you over three workshops that take you on a healing path to forgiveness, letting go, conquering your fears and understanding yourself and others. The last phase of this journey teaches true mastery of the self, placing you in a prime position for helping others through example.

Become the teachers of the Earth and walk as a master amongst the realms of the ascended masters. Allow the true Masters of all times to be your guides and lead others on their path of love. Love for thy self and love for others. Become a master of consciousness and contribute to the rise of collective consciousness amongst all and Mother Earth. Together we are one. As one we are all. With Love xx

Self-Mastery 1 – The Ego

(Workshop runs from 11:30-7pm, 4th August)

In most human understandings of the ego it is thought to be a form big headedness or arrogance. In our spiritual self the term ego plays a much deeper role and is understood to be far greater a holding energy over all of us. It is the voice in our head that causes us to tread carefully, to be paranoid of others, to be overly concerned in pleasing others and playing up to others judgement… It is the over processing logic that questions everything and everyone causing us to feel often confused of our next step in life, or of what we really want. It is the fear that holds us back in successful relationships, holds us back from fulfilling our dreams and stumps us on our spiritual progression. Learning to master our ego is one of life’s biggest lessons. This workshop brings deep understanding of the ego and supports your path to mastering unison with the ego. Walk as one and with love with your ego… It is of course a part of you…. Achieving mastery of the ego promotes a healthy balance in your life. It helps you to make positive choices which in turn attracts more positive outcomes in your life. Be happy

Self-Mastery 2 – Importance of Self

(Workshop runs from 10.00-6pm, 5th August)

This workshop brings a deeper understanding to certain everyday stressors in life and how this in turn impacts us internally. These internal responses to stress often lead to external reactions through our behaviour and in responding to loved ones around us. During the course of this one day workshop we gain understandings which encourage acceptance of the self. This in turn aids forgiveness of the self and helps the release of deeply attached energy of self-hate or dislikes. Every single person holds an element of this energy for the self. There is no bigger judge on one’s self than YOURSELF. Release judgement and expectation and learn to just BE…. To just BE happy. We are all worthy of love. Start with yourself then reflect your inner love to all those around you. Love thy Self. The key to love and positive reflections of the self which in turn creates positive relationships. We cover quick calming techniques in stressful situations, we explore scientific research supporting our theories of the benefits of living from the heart and work on illuminating our inner light. By turning up your frequency of self and being, you allow your pure light to shine, creating a glow without which attracts likewise others on to your life path. Happiness within creates a glow to our aura which even though may not be seen by many, is noticed unconsciously by others in your energy fields. Start magnetising the right lights to join you in this magical journey… Life

Self Mastery 3 – Walk With the Masters

(Workshop runs from 10.00-6pm, 6th August)

Working to connect with the ascended masters for guidance of your personal mission in this lifetime. Gain powerful teachings from direct source so that you can share the wisdom of the masters with others, whilst walking as one with the masters. Allow them to guide you as you go on to guide others on their healing journeys. Raise your frequency to 5th dimensional states of being, elevating your standard of living and your overall happiness. Learn to recognise the gifts of everyday life whilst you walk the earth and cherish the simple moments of living. Ultimately this workshop gives you a deep understanding of the steps of ascension, bringing you clear guidance on the steps to ascending on your spiritual journey to your true God Self. This is evolution in its latest phase. Evolve to the next level. Evolve with love X



4th August 2017 @ 11:30
6th August 2017 @ 18:00
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