Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Practitioners – Basic Module

Approved by the Complementary Medical Association

CPD points: 36

Dates: Friday 29th September, Saturday 30th September, Sunday 1st October
Friday/Saturday/Sunday 13th/14th/15th October
Friday/Saturday/Sunday 27th/28th/29th October

Hours: Theory – 12
Practical – 52

Cost: £1275
Deposit: £275
Full balance due by: 29/09/17

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Course Programme (54 hours)

Theory programe (12 hours)

Brief introduction to the MLD course 1 hour
History of Manual Lymphatic Drainage 1 hour
The lymphatic system 1 hour
The cardiovascular system (arteries and veins) 1 hour
The interstitial system 1 hour
The lymphatic circulatory system 1 hour
Lymphatic flow 1 hour
Characteristics of the Manual lymphatic drainage technique 1 hour
The effects of manual lymphatic drainage 1 hour
Indications and contraindications 1 hour
Oedemas – definition and classification 1 hour
Lymphoedemas – definition, origin, development and treatment 1 hour

Practical programme (42 hours)

Manual Lymphatic drainage practical, in the following areas of the body:

Neck 3 hours
Face 3 hours
Upper extremities 3 hours
Lower extremities 3 hours
Nape 3 hours
Dorsal region 3 hours
Lumbar region 3 hours
Chest 3 hours
Abdomen 3 hours
Additional movements to the basic movements 5 hours
Exam 5 hours
Revisit practical and FAQ 5 hours

To book: Please cal the Upminster Sanctuary on 01708 251124 or email