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Lymphodema is thought to effect more than 200,000 people in the UK.  Primary Lymphodema is rare and thought to affect one in 6,000 people. Secondary Lymphodema is much more common and research has shown around 20 to 50% of people affected with lymphoedema.

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School of Teaching for Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Recognised by the CMS (full) attach course info Why choose Upminster Sanctuary to do your training? – our course is registered with CMA – 36 CPD points – Our 9 day professional course goes into great depth covering anatomy and physiology essential to your understanding of Lymphoedema and how to treat it. After passing the exam you will have the confidencde and professionalism to treat the most difficult of cases. – We can provide clinical experience at Oceanico Clinica J & A to add…

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If you have any queries or questions regarding Manual Lymphatic Drainage, you are very welcome to call and speak to one of our Specialist Team.  01708 251124.

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