Pregnancy & Post Birth Yoga Classes

Lotus Pregnancy Yoga offers a time and space entirely dedicated to celebrating women, pregnancy, birth and the never-ending adventure of motherhood.  We hold a safe and nurturing space where women can devote this precious time to preparing and empowering their body, mind and soul for the arrival of new life.

You can start pregnancy yoga from 12 weeks up until your due date and yonder if you choose

Lotus Pregnancy Yoga is an exploration of breathing, relaxation, meditation and birthing techniques created to provide invaluable tools to encourage a gentle pregnancy and positive birth.

Gentle strengthening and opening exercises initiate a deeper understanding of the power and brilliance of your pregnancy body while conscious mother and baby connection gives you an undisturbed moment to tune into your baby and the journey ahead.  We close each class with a deep relaxation so that you and your baby may experience a true sense of calm and peacefulness, nourishing and benefiting you both.

You do not need to have had any previous yoga experience as lotus pregnancy yoga is entirely about honouring pregnancy, birth and beyond.

We create a calm, heart centred space where pregnant woman can feel free to discuss all things maternity.  A sanctuary where you can readily release fears, process stress and tension whilst realising confidence in your body’s ability.   A moment to connect to the innate wisdom and knowledge that lies within, whilst preparing you for a calm and positive birthing experience.


My Wednesday class runs from 7.30pm -9.00pm at The Upminster Sanctuary, a beautifully serene venue.



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