Niki will be offering regular Shiatsu sessions here at The Sanctuary as well as her incredible lunchtime Shiatsu Bliss Clinic.
Shiatsu is a form of clothed bodywork, which aims to promote the free flow of energy within the body, allowing balance and healing to take place on a physical and emotional level.

Shiatsu offers a very therapeutic contact, as well as having the benefit of being extremely pleasant to receive.  Regular Shiatsu will go a long way towards stabilising the root cause behind any acute or chronic disharmony.  Many people use it as a primary form of treatment, but others come to maintain a balance of health and prevent any future illness.

Shiatsu can help to:

  • relieve stress related anxiety and tension
  • induce deep relaxation
  • ease aches and pains
  • boost the immune system
  • improve flexibility and posture
  • stabilise emotional and psychological conditions
  • relieve backache
  • treat digestive disorders
  • treat menstrual problems and pre-menstrual syndrome
  • reduce the effects of physical and emotional trauma
  • act as a complimentary therapy to speed the healing process
  • maintain good physical, mental and spiritual health

To book in with Niki, please phone The Sanctuary or e-mail us at