• Womb healing and womb blessings
  • Psychic tarot readings


I have a varied background living and working in both England, the land of my mother and Ireland, the land of my father. There has always been a common theme for me of working for the good of others, individually and within my community. I have always taken a holistic approach in my work and see people as a whole. I currently own a spiritual business where I travel to different events selling, running workshops and promoting my work with women. I have worked exclusively with women at various times throughout my career , supporting first & second time mothers in their own home right through to working in a Womens Refuge.
This time round I have studied with Miranda Gray and am now an authorised Moon Mother. This gives me the opportunity to work with women in a more spiritual way. Womb Blessings are a female energy awakening system, they are a very gentle way of working with and activating our feminine energy bringing a new understanding of what it is to be female, re-awakening our feminine power and bringing healing to our feminine energy as a collective.

Womb Healings are specifically designed to heal wounds connected with us a women, this can be past abuse, difficult birth, miscarriage, infertility issues etc. Womb healings work in a holistic way and so help with issues on all levels.

I am also a psychic Tarot reader. I use the cards to explore difficult decisions, crisis or times when you are struggling to see a way forward. Together we look at where problems stem from, where they are at now and what can be put in place to resolve a situation or to move it forward. I use an honest, straight forward but gentle approach to reading. Tarot is a great tool to assist in decision making and clarifying confusing situations in life. I have been reading Tarot for 22 years and teaching the cards for 6 years.

As a Reflexologist, I specialise in Pain Management and as an accomplished Massage Therapist I can offer a technique that allows me to give a very deep massage which helps to free up trapped nerves and muscles that are particularly tight or in spasm.

Available by appointment.