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My dream from early childhood was to be a nurse. The dream turned to reality when I completed my RGN training at St Thomas Hospital, London in 1983. After this I specialised mainly in Orthopaedics and Post-Op Recovery. I spent several years travelling before returning to the UK to get married and start a family.
I first became interested in complementary therapies when my three children were young and constantly dealing with coughs, colds, sore throats etc. I liked the idea of treating the body holistically rather than just treating a set of symptoms. My children did not have antibiotics and this proved a life saver when my youngest son was rushed to hospital unconscious and was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. Antibiotics were the only thing to save his life at this moment. Doctors were amazed at the immediate effect and felt it was due to the fact he had not had any antibiotics previously.

My first experience of Bowen came whilst training for the London marathon in 2005. A previous back injury started to play up and restricted the amount of training I could do. A friend who was training in the Bowen Technique needed people to do case studies on – and so treated my back. The treatment had fantastic effects, easing the pain immediately. This meant I was able to run the marathon and I became hooked on Bowen to the extent I wanted to train for myself.

I trained with the European College of Bowen Studies and had an excellent tutor. I qualified in July 2006 and have been practising ever since. Further training courses have meant that I am continually learning in this field.