• BSc (Hons)
  • Dip CNM
  • BANT
  • CHNC


I’ve been in love with human biology for many years. It hasn’t always been an easy relationship, though. It all started at high school, with the best teacher you could dream of. I always admired how he could explain very complex processes in simple terms.
Wanting to be part of that world, studying the molecular processes that make us who we are, I won a scholarship to study Molecular Biology in the most prestigious Italian university: the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa. I couldn’t wait to learn more and more every year, until finally I got to my third year and… sadly the love affair with human biology came to an end. I was distraught to realise that laboratory research was a tedious, endless job. In addition, while I loved learning all about the molecular principles of life, I felt like something was missing.

I left university after obtaining my BSc (Hons) and began my career in the pharmaceutical industry, knowing that I could use my knowledge in that environment. I was good at it, but it was just a job.

In October 2014 I followed a friend to a juice detox retreat. It wasn’t something I had ever thought I’d be interested in, but I had heard great things. After three days of headaches and general grumpiness, I woke up in the morning and felt like a different person: happiness and energy like I never felt before, as if a veil had been lifted. I was hooked: I never realised food could have such an amazing and immediate impact on a person. On the other hand, I noticed a few aspects of the juice retreat, especially the ‘one-size-fits-all’ advice they were giving, that didn’t quite add up I wanted to know more.

Shopping around for short courses and master’s degrees on offer, I came across an open day at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. That was it: studying the human body (and mind) like a holistic network of interconnecting systems, being able to read a person’s case history and identify the root cause of disease. It was what I was looking for. Within a few weeks I was enrolled in their Naturopathic Nutrition course. My love affair with human biology was back on, stronger than ever, with the added benefit of learning how our biology can be modified by eating the right foods on an individual basis.

I feel very fortunate to have a unique blend of knowledge encompassing molecular biology, pharmacology, holistic nutritional therapy and real life. This allows me to truly understand my clients’ needs and guide them in their natural health journey.