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My learning with health began a decade ago when I began suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. For many years I was so debilitated with this condition I felt unable to live the life I wanted, and my health negatively impacted on all areas of my life. I struggled with the demanding job of primary school teaching and the other usual demands of daily life. I researched the condition extensively and tried lots of different disciplines in an effort to improve my health. The light at the end of the tunnel came when I started to have Pathogenic Therapy. Pathogens being the cause of my large number of symptoms tied together all the confusing loose strings I’d experienced with this illness.
I trained in Clinical and Pathogenic Therapy and Bio Electric Functions Diagnostics and completed my studies in 2014.

Pathogenic Therapy is fascinating. The effect viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites have on the body is staggering and I’ve found that with this technique I’ve been able to successfully treat many people with a large range of ailments.

What are Pathogens?

Pathogens include viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and toxins. These usually enter the body by ingestion, respiration, sexual intimacy, insect bites and inheritance. Your body’s immune system is designed to defend the body against pathogens, usually winning either before you notice any symptoms or after a short spell of infection.

However, for different reasons, sometimes your body is unable to destroy a pathogen completely. With ordinary health these pathogens that ‘escape the net’ live within our various bodily systems often causing symptoms but at a level you may be able to manage. Chronic conditions are when such pathogenic activity gets out of hand. This is often created when one or more of these conditions is present:

  • The body is susceptible due to hereditary weakness
  • The body is placed under stress e.g. having an operation, a baby
  • The person’s immunity is run down through persistent stress
  • Too many pathogens are existing within the body for the immune system to cope
  • The body is introduced to too many new pathogens at once e.g. multiple injections, travel to another country
  • The immune system is unable to cope due to an immune defeating pathogen e.g. Lyme Disease
  • Pathogenic Therapy recognises that many autoimmune conditions are the by-product of pathogenic hosting in the body and specialises in treating conditions that conventional treatment has been unable to resolve


What is Pathogenic Therapy?

The origins of Pathogenic Therapy were born out of Homeopathy. In the 1950s the German physician Reinhold Voll began experimenting with ways to diagnose pathogenic activity in the body using Electro Acupuncture. His work, which spanned many years, was adopted and developed by others around the world.

Using a Bio Electro Functions Diagnostic kit aka a Vega machine, a Pathogenic Therapist detects exactly which pathogens the body is hosting. Then you will be prescribed tailor-made remedies that weaken and eliminate those pathogens.

Pathogenic Therapy treats the following and more:

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome
  • Persistent fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia/chronic pain conditions
  • Chronic ear/nose/throat disorders
  • Asthma/chronic Lung issues/persistent coughs
  • Lyme Disease
  • Migraines/chronic headaches
  • Arthritis/Joint issues
  • Skin disorders, such as Eczema and Psoriasis
  • Urinary Tract Infections/Bladder issues/Kidney Stones
  • Chronic Thrush/STDs
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Crohn’s Disease/Constipation


If your condition or persistent symptom is not listed above, please get in contact anyway as Pathogenic Therapy treats many issues.