Offering “The Method” – a Unique Integrated Holistic Treatment.
Glauco Donati is an expert in body disciplines concerning the locomotory system. He works on body realignments and related problems. He is able to help with joint aches and pains such as, hips, knees, head and shoulders, back pain and sciatica.
Glauco also concentrates on physiological ailments, working on dietary remedies and acupuncture needle points for organ related conditions. He suggests and values change in lifestyle in order to restore the original functions of the body.

As an Analogist, Glauco is an expert in non-verbal communication and the dynamics of the unconscious mind. The Analogical Psychology is based on the Emotional System, and through individual sessions helps to unlock dependence, solve fears and complexes, repetitive situations, anger and remorse associated with all patterns of behavioural disturbances, and pathologies.

The analogical sessions help to gain motivation, courage and will power that is needed to reach our goals. It is therefore a valid instrument to supervise offspring in their evolutive phases, such as adolescence. It is a great help for the sport professional, for those who have management duties and for those who work with people.

Glauco teaches non verbal communication through which it is possible to improve self image and reach the aim of the effective communication itself.

The integration of these two operative models has created a revolutionary system concerning the well being and quality of life. This system leads to self awareness of ourselves and with others. It also gives us consciousness of our nature with an end result of obtaining physical, emotional health and well being.

Glauco has been awarded a diploma in Shiatsu Massage and Chinese Medicine and the Title of Analogist, consisting of Non-Verbal Communication, Dynamic Hypnosis, Analogical Philosophy and NLP.

Glauco is based in Italy but will be holding regular clinics here at The Upminster Sanctuary.