Specialist areas:

  • Healer
  • Artist
  • Life Purpose Specialist


I am passionate about revealing the true callings of your Soul so you can become aligned to a life path that brings you the most joy.

I have a background in Psychology, graduating from Goldsmith’s College, University of London, in 2003.  It wasn’t until 2011 that I began to listen to the callings of my own Soul’s wisdom by working intensively with a spiritual councillor. I then discovered an Atlantean Healing practitioner course taught by renowned spiritual teacher, Birkan Torre.  I was blown away at how using the healing energy felt so natural for me as if I’d been practising my whole life!

Atlantean Healing is a powerful angel-led energy healing treatment which feels gentle and uplifting to receive; balancing the body’s energy centres or chakras; facilitating wellbeing for mind body and spirit.    Once the healing is complete, I provide you with any insights and guidance I may have intuitively received during your healing session including any practical steps on how to move forwards.

In 2012 I then trained as Spiritual Life Coach with Blue Marsden at the Holistic Healing College.  Part of the course incorporated learning the incredible Soul Plan system.  I was amazed and continue to be amazed at the accuracy the Soul Plan system provides.

Soul Plan has roots in ancient Hebrew numerology and is a powerful and accurate system of life direction and analysis, derived from the vibration of your birth name.  I liken your Soul Plan to being the compass of your Soul, helping steer you along a life path which brings you the most learning, peace and above all else, joy.

I have since further developed my Soul Plan training so I’m now an Advanced Soul Plan Practitioner and Core Issue Therapist, which means I can provide businesses name optimisation and relationship readings for couples or families as well as incorporate healing techniques specific to the soul plan system in my practice.

Building on my experience as an Artist, I have recently developed a Soul Plan inspired spiritual Art workshop, called ARTiculate which provides the opportunity to create your own stunning original artwork; a visual cue to your own Soul’s Plan.

What some of my clients say:

“I was introduced to Hayley’s healing to try and alleviate my anxiety and the emotional and physical turmoil it was causing. She had an immediate connection and understanding of the problems I was going through and many times during our distance healing was able to identify specific areas of pain and created a profound feeling of content and ease. I am so grateful to Hayley for her help to smooth and guide over difficult waters, her kindness and healing gift helped me towards a path of mindfulness and positivity”.
~ Emerald, London

“I had the most healing and transformational Soul Plan Reading session with Hayley. She guided me through the Soul Plan explaining the stages with clarity and meaning, each step took me to a new understanding of myself and my past and a realisation of why certain things had happened as they did. Through this Soul Plan everything fell into place and I have found the real me! I now have true purpose to my life, which has given me the confidence to pursue a new and meaningful direction. Hayley is truly gifted! I would highly recommend a Soul Plan Reading session with Hayley. Thank you, thank you so very much Hayley!”
~ Lesley, Essex