Past Life Regression Therapy

The purpose of a session is always to improve this current life with healing, clearing and transformation.

After visiting a past life you’ll understand more of who you are, you will recognise parallels in this life and know more about how the past life has influenced on this current life.

Kirsty will take you into a past life experience that relates to your intention for the session. Only you will know what you want to heal or understand. Kirsty will discuss your intention with you, directly before the session, to ensure that the past life that you experience is the one your need at that moment in time.

You may be simply curious to know what you have been doing and where you have been in another life and this is absolutely fine. Some clients see the gifts that they have that have been passed down the generations and ignite that passion again. Other clients break ties with destructive patterns or people. Whatever you experience will still be of great value to you there is always a therapy and transformational part to the session to help you improve this life. It is never simply story telling.

We all have issues that we could look at. So, to start you thinking about what you’d like to transform and understand, examples include:

Weight / food issues, a phobia, addictions, a physical complaint, an emotional struggle, problem solving, a relationship, how to move forward in this life or what to do next for your spiritual growth.

The list is endless and your intention will be unique to you.

A discussion will take place directly before your session to clarify your intention, you only need to have an idea about it.

Before the session you must a confidential therapy questionnaire, which you ned to return at a minimum of 48 hrs in advance of the session.

Sessions take between 2 and 3 hours.

The cost is £111.