Specialist areas:

  • Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
  • Specialises in Panchakarma


Dr Prathima Nagesh comes from a long family line of Ayurvedic Practioners. Not surprisingly,when she had the choice, she chose to study Ayurveda and obtained a BAMS) from Mangalore University. Her thirst for knowledge led her to specialise in Panchakarma and obtain a Masters Degree (MD) from Rajiv Gandhi University for health Sciences, which is one of the highly regarded institutions in India. Her research included Pancharkarma in arthritis. She worked as a consultant managing one of the prestigious private clinics in Bangalore,India.
When she moved to the UK, she set up a successful practice in Oxford but had to move to Upminster due to family circumstances. Providing Ayurvedic prescriptions using locally available ingredients is her area of interest.

She is a Lecturer for the last 8 years, and works at the College of Ayurveda (Milton Keynes) and as well as at the Middlesex University (London). She has given several lectures in UK and abroad. She is a visiting Lecturer (expert) at School van Ayurveda, Gent, Belgium where gives regular lectures.

She has represented Ayurvedic Medical Association and College of Ayurveda at the House of Parliament, during Ayurvedic meeting for discussion on regulations. She is also a part of All Party Parliamentary group for Indian Sciences.


  • Ayurvedic Consultation and Advice ? 90 mins
  • Constitution Analysis and Advice ? 30 mins
  • Preventative Diet and Lifestyle Advice ? 60 mins
  • Ayurvedic Marma Massage
  • Kativasti (Lower Back Treatment)?
  • Pindasveda