I have a varied background living and working in both England, the land of my mother and Ireland, the land of my father. There has always been a common theme for me of working for the good of others, individually and within my community. I have always taken a holistic approach in my work and see people as a whole. I currently own a spiritual business where I travel to different events selling, running workshops and promoting my work. At the sanctuary as well as being a therapist and reader I hold a number of workshop through the year on spiritual subjects. I also offer a ritual or spiritual experience at open days as well as displaying and selling spiritual and ethical items.

Tarot Readings  I learned to read Tarot in 1994 while living in Ireland and have read professionally ever since. My readings are aimed to help people see through problems; crisis or stuck places in their lives. Together we examine situations that have arisen and look at how we can move them forward into the future. I use an honest, straight forward but gentle approach to reading. Tarot is a great tool to assist in decision making and clarifying confusing situations in life. Tarot reading is one of the courses I teach at the Sanctuary

Reiki.  Reiki has been in my life since 2009. At the Sanctuary I am the Reiki teacher offering the Usui Shiki Ryoho system of Reiki. I am currently doing my master training which; in my lineage can take a number of years so my classes are taught along side my Master; Triupri Dunne; who is leading me on this journey. I am available for treatments as well as classes.

Reflexology- specialising in pain management.  I qualified as a Reflexologist in 2009 at City & Guilds level and have worked with Reflexology ever since. I recently studied Managing Pain with Reflexology with Carol Samuel; who is the only person to have a achieved a PHD on reflexology and pain management. As well as using a standard reflexology treatment I use extra techniques based around the central nervous system to treat specific areas of pain.

Deep Tissue Massage.  I qualified in 2009 in Body Massage with City & Guilds and then continued on to train using techniques that allow me to do very deep tissue work; working well on people who suffer with sciatica; muscles in spasm and trapped nerves.

Indian Head Massage.  Indian Head Massage was the first holistic therapy I trained in qualifying in 2008 and have used it in my practice ever since.

Crystal Healing. Although I have used crystals in my life since my teen years I only qualified as a crystal healer in 2012; having found the right teacher for me; Philip Permutt; author of The Crystal Healer. Crystals have been a huge part of my life as my shop was originally a crystal shop with a small spiritual section. I still trade in crystals at some events including the Sanctuary events.

Moon Mother Work.  I qualified as a Moon Mother with Miranda Gray in 2015.

Womb Blessings are a female energy awakening system, they are a very gentle way of working with and activating our feminine energy bringing a new understanding of what it is to be female, re-awakening our feminine power and bringing healing to our feminine energy as a collective.

Womb Healings are specifically designed to heal wounds connected with us as women, this can be past abuse, difficult birth, miscarriage, infertility issues etc. Womb healings work in a holistic way and so help with issues on all levels.

Available by appointment.