Specialist areas:

  • Qualified Kinesiologist
  • Specialising in IBS/ digestive health and stress management
  • Added benefit of structural alterations and physical alignments or corrections.


Passionate about your health and wellbeing, I look forward to helping you attain your ultimate health.



Discovered in 1964 Dr George Goodheart noticed that there was a correlation between muscle weakness and specific symptoms, including mid back pain and digestion, lower back pain and dehydration and many more similar coincidences. He began to relate these symptoms to specific muscles and organs in the body and developed a science and methodology for treatment of specific ailments. This has been developed over years and new developments and correlations are being discovered all the time.

To put it simply Kinesiology is the language of kinetics or movement. A kinesiologist is able to read the muscle reaction to certain stimuli and by using this language one can assess what the body needs to bring the body and hence the individual back to balance. Kinesiology uses the principle of treating the whole person, physically, nutritionally and emotionally. Results can be instant!

I myself suffered with digestive issues for many years and have also run my own construction company for more than a decade and work out in the gym 3 times per week. For these reasons I chose to specialise in IBS/ digestive health and stress management with the added benefit of structural alterations and physical alignments or corrections.

Kinesiology has changed my life in so many incredible ways and I would like to help you to attain your Ultimate Health.

Available by appointment.



I went to see Spencer West as I was intrigued by kinesiology and the prospect of finding out what vitamins and minerals by body was lacking in. I am a gym addict and always looking to find new ways of improving my performance and physique. Spencer found that I was seriously lacking in several vits and mins and he put me on a supplement stack designed to improve things. I can honestly say that this has worked a treat! One month after starting the supplement stack and not only has my gym performance massively improved, my physique Is looking better and I feel really healthy! I would recommend it to anyone. ~ Simon Hutson

Anyone thinking of Kinesiology should go and see Spencer? ?Doctor Spencer!? Licensed to Heal. ~ Zaki Masood

It was a very useful session to find out the nutrients that my body and baby needed during my pregnancy, and I would recommend it to any pregnant ladies. On my recent check up, I have been told my iron and calcium levels are good, thanks to the supplement that you advised me to take. ~ Lisa Chong

I had been having a stressful time at work. Seemed like the world was against me, my stomach was in knots on a daily basis. After a visit to Spencer and a little bit of work and the right supplements I felt ready to take on the world. Stress?? What stress?? I highly recommend Spencer and his treatments. ~ Gary Lucas